How to Protect Your Health by Dry Fruits


There are lot of benefits of Dry Fruits. God has created unprecedented forgiving fruit for body health in cold weather. It is a healthy diet. Healthy diet is important for all of us. It promises the arrival of winter in the streets sounding the alarm peanuts. Weather couched in quilts in winter enjoys the fruits of your food. Allah bestows such as fruits in winter which has produced body temperature. Let us tell you that this fruit how beneficial for health.

How to Protect Your Health by Dry Fruits

How to Protect Your Health by Dry fruits


Here is the some collection of Dry Fruits that make us Healthy.

Dried Apricots :

Apricots body overcome the hormones are like the fat and eliminate excess fat. It contains iron, potassium, vitamin A, are extremely useful for internal and external systems B and C in the body.

Dates :

Generally, people only eat the dates in fast when the Doctors recommend eating dates daily. The enormous benefits of owning a blessing that is saved from daily use of various cancers along all diseases of the liver. By drinking milk shake with dates becomes not only possible but also enviable health.

Fig precious blessing that is for ‘vulnerable people are the fruit of paradise. Fig improves the body, decrease our weight, shape our body, gives red and white face, improves the digestive system is constipated opener is natural. Figs are beneficial in High blood pressure; heart disease is unique for bone strength, diabetes, anemia and reproductive system improvement.

Almond is best for the eye weakness. The dietary fiber, protein, vitamin E, thiamin, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus are found which is extremely useful for mental health. It protects from heart attacks and cancer. Contaminants cholesterol and strengthens, bones and teeth does reduce the weight, balance sugar in the body While leverage to control the free cells in the best anti anti-oxidents blood.
Omega fats called fatty acids include walnuts, increasing the capacity to cope with stress and improve mental process. The laxative, for the heart, cough, asthma, bone strength, optimal sleep for the elimination of wrinkles and skin moisture.

Who would not enjoy the cold peanut? Useful vitamins to the body of light peanuts in food tend toward the limit. A new study published on peanut utility has been associated with longevity. Experts say that people should eat more peanuts to peanut allergy is not the health of the heart, which is also cheaper than other fruits.

Research On Health Issues :

According to a new research, Experts says that the Dried fruit is very good for our health. We should take it daily a little bit. We shouldn’t ignore its priceless benefits gifted from ALLAH. Allah made these priceless blessings for us. We should cure our health by these natural ways. And we should enjoy its benefits. Dry fruits make our body strong, healthy and beautiful. We should keep a jar of full of mix dry fruits in our home. And eat it a handful in the morning and in the evening. It makes our bone strong; protect us from cancers and other disease. Nature’s food is very beneficial so please take a little care today at yourself, at your health and save your money from doctors and medicines. Enjoy the nature’s Food.