How To Get Rid of Dry Skin Disease Without Going To The Doctor


Dry skin disease is caused by small and very large mites that are very common bacterial disease. The female mites invade the skin to lay eggs. It has an intense itching. Dry skin disease is transmitted directly to the skin from a skin such as shaking hands or hugging. The itching is caused by sharing towels and clothes with someone else. The children who in the joyful areas, sharing bed with someone or most days spent in the crowd, they may have a higher risk of the Dry skin disease. Signs of skin infection appear in 3 to 6 weeks of getting the disease. Non-treated Dry skin disease can make bacterial wound.

The Treatment is very important for Dry Skin Disease

How To Get Rid of Dry Skin Disease


It’s very important to get treatment for Dry skin. Without treatment, it does not end. The doctor will suggest a cream, lotion or best moisturizer for dry skin to which ends itching. Your doctor will suggest a quantity of cream usually apply for 8 hours on a body that. Cream on the whole body, with special attention given to the intervals between the toes and armpits and other body parts. Keep the cream away from the external organs. You must re-apply the cream if mites are reappears within 1 or 2 weeks.  Your doctor can suggest a skin cream from anti-histamine or itching to calm. If you pose Dry skin so members of the family who are close to you, they have to use this cream. Clothing, untreated of hot water. In addition to medical treatments can get rid of Dry skin from many domestic remedies.

In addition to getting rid of Dry Skin Issues try this household tips:

  1. Yogurt is an excellent cleanser to get rid of dry skin and itching, finish the dryness and makes it soft and smooth. Mix three tablespoons of yogurt and half a cup of papaya paste and apply it on your skin and let it wash after fifteen minutes. Coconut oil is the best treatment for dry skin and itching caused by the bite of an insect. According to experts, coconut oil plays an important role in itching and dry skin issues. in case of itching, apply a coconut oil massage the entire body.
  2. Aloe Vera is the best cure for Dry Skin. Brake Aloe Vera plant leaves and cut them with the knife, then find out the liquid of these leaves. Which is in the form of a gel. Apply the gel directly on the affected area could achieve lasting relief from itching.
  3. ½ cup granulated sugar, two tablespoon full of khoya and two tablespoon of vegetable oil mix to make the skrub. Then apply skrub massage the entire body before bath. In a few days you will feel the difference on your skin. Skrub be saved if you keep it in the fridge but sour milk should not be used.
  4. Pour three parts water and one part of sweet soda into a cup, mix well then apply this paste on the affected parts to cure from itching.
  5. The best treatment is petroleum jelly if your skin is very sensitive. Petroleum jelly is not made from harmful chemicals; it is completely natural, which underscores positive effects on our skin easily. The use of petroleum jelly will not only protect you from itching your skin, but it will be shiny and beautiful.