How to Use Tomatoes for Skin Care Issues


Tomatoes contain higher level of lycopene which has amazing benefits on the skin. Tomatoes are beneficial to the skin by including tomato and tomato products in the meal. They help the skin to take in many oxygen which delays the process of the aging by preventing the formation of the wrinkles. They are very helpful in brightening the complexion and in reducing the sun tan marks caused by the ultra violet rays of sun. Easy massage of tomato pulp on the skin works fantastic. You can simply make it at your home without any extra cost. Try this today and get the wonderful remedy.

Tomatoes are found to be most efficient in keeping the skin fresh and glowing. Many masks, the scrubs and packs are made by using the tomato juice or tomato pulp.

Tomato is the 1 of the citrus fruit. Tomato contains a lot of vitamin C , vitamin A and the antioxidants. The tomato can be extensively used for the skin treatments. Tomatoes may cure the acne and the pimples. Tomatoes shrink your open skin pores. Tomato pieces are use as exfoliating scrubs for the face. In most, tomatoes are used in the house-hold beauty treatments.

How to Use Tomatoes for Skin Care Issues

How to use tomatoes for skin care Issues


There are many question in our mind that…

  • can we apply tomato on face daily
  • how to use tomato on face for fairness
  • how to use tomato on face for glowing skin
  • benefits of tomato for skin complexion

Here we answers your all question hope you’ll like ..

Tomato for acne:

Take a fresh tomato and cut the tomato into 2 pieces. Now take the one piece of tomato into your hand gently rub the tomato piece on your face in circular motion. The tomato contains a lot vitamin A and vitamin C helps to treatment the acne. You can get a same result by applying the tomato puree on your face. Wash your face after 10 minutes repeat the process weekly three times for the best results.

Tomato as the scrub:

Take a fresh tomato and cut the tomato into two pieces. Dip the 1 piece of tomato in the bowl of sugar now rubs this tomato pieces on your face. This is a natural exfoliate for the face. This process removes all dead cells from the face and the skin and makes the skin healthier.

Tomato for the open pores:

Take the two tbsp of tomato juice and 2tbsp of the lemon juice in a bowl. Now dip a cotton ball in the solution. Rub the cotton ball on the face open pores are in slow motion. Wait for the 10-15 minutes. Then rinse it off with a little cool water.

Tomato for sunburns :

Take a fresh tomato in your blender and add the ½ cup of curd in the blender. Grind them. And now apply the paste all over the sunburn place. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash the dried mix with a little cool water.

Tomato for glowing skin:

Take the two tbsp of tomato juice and two tbsp of honey and mix them well. Apply this mixture on your face. Wait for 10 minutes then wash your face with the cool water.

Tomato for oily skin:

Take the two tbsp of tomato juice and two tbsp of cucumber juice and mix them well .Apply the mixture on the oily face. Wash the face after ten minutes. The antioxidants lecopene works more possibly on the skin pores and clean the skin pores.

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